What Is Drug Addiction?





Drug addiction refers to a growing need for a substance or medication. The drug or substance in question may be needed for the person to function normally. People battling drug addiction are often unable to control their usage patterns despite the negative consequences they experience as a result of using the substance. Drug addiction normally starts off as a simple recreational activity and gradually becomes a serious issue. The addiction problem can have a negative impact on job performance and disturb the family dynamic. People may start to encounter problems with friends and the criminal justice system as a result of the addiction. There are many drug addicts who are ready to stop but are unable to stop using the substance without treatment.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is complicated. Classified as a brain disease, the condition causes an individual to experience uncontrollable urges for a forbidden drug or prescription medication. The consequences may even be severe, but the individual is still unable to stop abusing the substance. Drug addiction is often misunderstood and perceived as a problem with morals or self-control. It is actually a brain disease that affects the brain chemistry.

The condition can become a huge problem, causing families to split as a result of the condition. Rifts between friends, domestic violence in the home, and workplace disturbances can often occur as a result of the condition.


Treatments for Drug Addiction

The initial stage of any drug treatment program is detox. After the person has completed the detox process, an assessment may be performed to understand the severity of the condition and the person’s mental health. A treatment plan is then devised to address any co-occurring illnesses and the addiction itself. Medications can even be prescribed as a part of the treatment plan.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease can be managed alongside the addiction with the proper program. With a managed long-term plan, the person can successfully achieve sobriety and ultimately improve their overall health. The individual has to then make the tough choices that remove the chances of reverting back to the damaging behaviors and conditions that could lead to relapse. Establishing a support system can make a difference in whether or not the person can maintain their sobriety long term.

Don’t Wait. Call Today.

There are countless reasons to enter into a rehab program to end the devastating cycle of drug addiction. Failing to end the cycle can wreak havoc on the individual and hurt loved ones.


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