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Resilience Health Systems

& Group4 Fitness Systems Partnership




Group4 Fitness Systems has a long history of being a serious gym for change but most importantly for results. We have heard you and we have seen a long standing position to provide you with top medical care that will address your fitness success but foremost your health. Fitness is a life style change and a dedication to prolonging life and optimum performance through a healthy body. We know this and we are founded on this core belief of "Serious Changes for Serious People" but your health and overall wellness is no joke to us. We Care!


Obesity is on a all time high in the U.S. Currently with staggering statistics which are even effecting our children at alarming rates. The lack of knowledge and legitimate medical centers for safe hormone replacement therapy and medical weight-loss is also scarce. The missing knowledge of the aging process and how it relates to your body and your success in the gym is a must have. Many members in the past few years have needed this knowledge because either their health was depleting or they knew something was wrong but they just was so tired of failed therapies or programs they simply just gave up. Well not anymore …!


Group4 Fitness Systems has now Partnered with Resilience Health Systems a leader in Medical Weight-loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy. Through the review of other potential providers we selected one of the best in the industry to provide to our members individualized health care options and treatment. Under this partnership all Group4 Fitnesss Systems private studio members will have access to a free initial health screening, customized hormone replacement therapy, weight-loss therapy, express urgent care and primary care. Approved Satellite facilities will be built accross Ohio over a year period of time.


Unlike other private training studios that say they offer a wellness center or simply a few so called wellness coaches … We actually have a full blown medical facility for all of your direct needs and concerns...Under this direct medical agreement we will have Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Urgent Care Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics.


Yes we brought you what we believe is part of our core belief and approach to the fitness game .. the complete package! Now its up to you.


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Resilience Health Systems Corporation is a physician owned medical network only. All site locations are physician owned and follow strict Federal, State and local laws.