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Welcome to the Resilience Health Systems. We have designed a concierge direct care membership plan. A plan specifically designed for your health and well-being.  A plan created to reinstate the patient-physician relationship we all need and deserve.  A plan developed to put you back in charge of your health care.

Do you remember a day when you could see your doctor and your doctor could take care of you?  No red tape.  No government bureaucracy or insurance company “middle man” telling you which doctor you could see, where you could receive your care, which medications were “authorized” and how often you could receive treatment?  Well, that day has returned!

We, at the Resilience Health Systems, are tired of “people” telling you what type of medical care you can receive and fed up with a faceless bureaucracy telling us how to practice medicine. For more than 5 years, collectively members of our staff had the privilege of building the kind of relationships with our patients that I believe is at the very core of high-quality, patient-centered healthcare.

To preserve the patient-physician relationship, the Resilience Health Systems, (RHS) has moved to a concierge direct-pay model of care.

What is a direct care practice?

Simply put, a direct care practice is a cost-conscious, cost-effective solution that re-established the patient-physician relationship allowing them to take charge of their own healthcare.  No more insurance companies telling you, or your doctor, what can and can’t be done!

Why change?

Increasingly, decisions about your healthcare are being made by special interest groups and faceless government and corporate bureaucrats.

The rules and regulations imposed by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), other government programs, for-profit insurance companies, and large hospital systems are coming between physicians and patients. They are making it increasingly difficult for independent private physicians like ours to practice medicine.

Fortunately, we can work together to eliminate these obstacles—and the unnecessary cost, paperwork, stress, and uncertainty of government and corporate healthcare—and put the focus back where it belongs: on improving your health.

A focus on wellness  

To do so, we are offering you membership in our own RHS Concierge Direct Care Plan—a plan designed to provide you and your family with the highest quality, personalized care—and to put you back in control of your medical care.

The RHS Concierge Direct Care Plan is built around your well-being, with our physicians undivided and ongoing attention as your personal physician, at every visit.

At the heart of the plan is Wellness Care, which includes: comprehensive annual examinations, lifestyle evaluation, review of applicable preventive healthcare and treatment options, and a written plan for each member of your family.

Other features of the plan include:
  • Access to low-cost lab work and medical testing
  • Online appointment scheduling through our office website
  • Same or following day appointments for acute illnesses or injuries
  • Access to your own medical records through a personal “patient portal”
  • Access to a library of information to help you better care for yourself and your family
  • Chronic disease management
  • Ohio Medical Marijuana
  • Patient Testimonial

    “My experience at Resilience Clinic is one that is unmatched to any other visit elsewhere. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a warm smile and welcome by Dr. Huff. Dr. Sidari greeted me and immediately began to start the intake process. I was at first a little apprehensive not knowing what to expect, but both doctors quickly put my mind at ease. Once in the room and as Dr. Sidari and I began to go over my medical history and physical, I could feel her desire to help me achieve my weight loss goals. I never felt ashamed of my weight, but encouraged that Dr. Sidari and Dr. Huff are in my corner and there to work with me and help me along this journey. As I was checking out Dr. Sidari gave me a hug and thanked me for coming in which once again proved her character and bedside manner are human and compassionate. Dr. Huff is a ball of energy who is ready to tackle my food intake and workout schedule. I feel like I have the best of the best. I would encourage anyone who is serious about getting their weight to a healthy bmi to contact Resilience Clinic immediately.”

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