Medical Weight-Loss Therapy

Feel More Attractive…

We all know that being overweight can adversely affect our relationships with others, whether it is in the workplace, in your romantic life, or in your social life. Our powerful system will quickly and safely get you to the vibrant, sexy, healthy lifestyle you want to live.



Your Resilience Health Systems weight loss doctor will provide a personalized three step process for every person and every diet that is tailored to meet your dietary and life-style needs:






1. The first stage is the acute weight loss phase.


*   Appetite suppressants, vitamins and minerals are given to enhance metabolism.

*  Weight, body fat and vital signs are analyzed.

*  Patients are put on a carbohydrate and calorie restricted diet.

*  In some cases, hormone replacement may be needed to fix the underlying problem that causes  weight gain, for example, human chorionic gonadotropin  

*  Exercise & nutritional counseling is provided.


2.  The second stage is a transitional phase.  During which the amount of medication will be decreased and the diet is        adjusted.


*  Appetite suppressants, vitamins and minerals may still be given to enhance metabolism.

*  Weight, body fat and vital signs are analyzed.

*  Exercise & nutritional counseling is provided.


3.  The third and final stage is a wellness phase, which will give the support and guidance to remain at your ideal weight.


Medical weight loss programs are safe and effective tools for losing weight because they are supervised by doctors and are tailored for each patient’s needs. Our doctors meet with you face-to-face and take into account your body type, blood results from laboratory work, and family history to design a program that does not compromise your health and has attainable goals. There are no gimmicks like with one-size-fits-all fad diets that allow you to drop pounds quickly only to gain them back just as fast. Instead, this program will offer real weight loss with the aid of medical science.


Our weight loss plans typically include:


•  A weigh-in and body fat analysis

•  Appetite suppressants during initial stages

•  B12 shots for energy

•  Nutritional counseling and caloric intake monitoring

•  Recommended fat-burning exercises (depending on your capability)

•  Any additional nutritional supplements deemed necessary

•  And more


The programs designed by our doctors aren’t about starvation or depriving your body of necessary calories. They are about jump starting a change in your lifestyle, so you can feel healthier, sexier, and more confident. If you’ve been avoiding the beach or that romantic getaway with your companion, it’s time to find out more about medically supervised weight loss with our physicians at Resilience Clinic Health Systems.



Look Sexier, Regain Respect and Confidence

Need to get aggressive about your weight loss? If so, it’s time to do things differently. With our program, you will be supported by physicians that have received extensive training and are highly qualified in the system of prescription medical weight loss using safe and approved strategies not available over the counter.

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